Title: Two Weeks
Artist: FKA Twigs
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"If it’s not the, it is one of the greatest strengths of the show, Team Arrow, the original members. Every time that you see them on a mission and Team Arrow has to coordinate and work together, you see this well-oiled, well-programmed unit working together. It’s always what the fans identify with most. I think it’s one of the biggest strengths of the show. You know, the big story of who Oliver Queen becomes: The Vigilante, The Arrow, and then Green Arrow – it’s a big story, there are a lot of places we will go in how we tell that story. The Arrow Cave will get fuller, and it will get emptier, but the core team will always remain intact. It’s what has saved Oliver’s life; without Diggle and Felicity, we wouldn’t have Oliver where he is emotionally or as a superhero at this point.” - David Ramsey

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"Don’t you just love a good twist?"  3x17 | 4x04

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     should things go well
          & she wants me to
                i’d like to use b o t h  h a n d s

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i have the opportunity to go see a princess bride quote along with cary elwes doing a Q&A afterwards


but it’s $45 



third time’s the charm.

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